Loria's Smarm Offensive Continues

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jeff Loria's re-emergence from hiding continued Monday, when the team hosted beat reporters (and a blogger!) at Marlins Park for a chat with Loria. He continued to make the case that he is not, in fact, a villain sent from the future to destroy baseball in Montreal and Miami, but a competent manager with a totally sound strategy in place, if only you guys would give him a chance to explain it.

The Palm Beach Post has an entire transcript up, here are the highlights. First, the bad news:
The team is not for sale.
THANKS FOR NOTHING, OBAMA. Anyway, did Loria get a good sense of the bile spewed in his direction since last November? 
I haven't seen anything. I got a few silly phone calls. That was in November. It stopped.
No mention of the internet. Does this mean he's never seen the gifs I post??? Well, everyone we've talked to hated that fire sale, you know?
It's not a fire sale. You can call it a fire sale. It's called hit the re-start button because it didn't damn work.
Oh brother.
I understand the feeling but I have no interest in endless losing and we had two years of that, I want to us get back to our winning ways.

We didn't break up the 1927 Yankees. We broke up a losing ballclub that was going nowhere for two straight years.
We get it, they sucked. STOP REMINDING US.

Anyway, there's more, but you can read it here. Loria said he never told Jose Reyes to buy a house in South Florida, he had dinner with Giancarlo Stanton in Paris, but Stanton won't be offered a contract extension this year. Loria seems to think he can smooth this over with words, and that in two years everyone will "look back at what we did" and see that the team was building something.

Even if he is right, I doubt Loria will ever regain the fans' trust.


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