Step right up and sweep the Mets!

Monday, June 10, 2013

We apologize for not being more active here (or active at all, or on Twitter for that matter). It's NBA Finals time, please forgive us.

But while we've been hibernating, the Marlins have seemingly employed the following strategy:

1. Lose every game, except when facing the Mets.
2. Win every game against the Mets
3. Torture the hapless souls that are Mets fans by letting them lead at times, prolonging the game by between one and eleven innings, then winning.

We like this. The Fish aren't going to be anything of note this year, so racking up a great W-L against a main rival and destroying their morale is fine by us. Plus it's the Mets. No other team's demise can cause such great joy to any other team's fans. This is the same team that swept four against the Yankees, but now have lost five straight against Miami, dropping them to twelve games under .500

Mets stay Mets.

Downside? The Marlins won't see them again until the end of July. Don't let that ruin your Monday though. Enjoy the new week everybody.


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