The best description of the CF structure so far

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...comes from DJ Short at Hardball Talk:

As ridiculous at it looks, I think this gaudy hunk of metal will grow on us over time. Sort of like the episode of "Seinfeld" where that girl found George Costanza really irritating initially, but then he got stuck in her head. Co-stan-za!
Which gives me an opportunity to post this:

And this:

While we're at it, here is what Kevin Kaduk said about Marlins Park on Monday:
But the roster of ballparks that have bilked taxpayers and pained neighborhoods, past and present, is a long one. If we withhold plaudits from the Marlins and their new home for those reasons, we also can't say anything nice about either new ballpark in New York, or the one in Washington. If we can't appreciate a ballpark because of unlikable owners, Camden Yards has to tumble from the top of all those rankings, too.


JD April 4, 2012 at 4:36 PM  

I don't think I have ever left a comment on your blog but I just gotta tell you I've been sitting here mesmerized at your Believe it or Not GIF.

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