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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[UPDATE: Tom Green points out that the Getty Image of Webb we originally used is not Webb at all - (Exhibit A and Exhibit B). So we fixed our images. As we were...]

Ryan Webb is our new favorite Marlin. On Monday he unfollowed former teammate Hanley Ramirez on Twitter. He did this not because Ramirez is on another team, but because his retweets of Dodger fan photos were obscuring the NASA and particle physics tweets he reads:
"Just un-followed him, didn't notice any tweets while he was in miami..then all of a sudden I couldn't get through my feed," Webb tweeted.

Webb said he didn't mean any harm, but caught flak on Twitter for it from fans who thought he was ripping Ramirez. Webb, who has his own telescope and is fascinated by astronomy, said he usually goes on Twitter "to find out is going on with the curiosity rover on Mars and the latest in particle physics."
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And if anyone else wants to memify (cough, @BoobiesNStanton, cough) here's a blank (click to embiggen):


Milhouse Trabajo July 31, 2012 at 12:42 AM  

love u guys, just want to make sure u are aware that that is a pic of Donnie (bleepin) Murphy, who admittedly looks alot like webby. still great stuff, but i get the feeling that donnie cares much more about matt damon movies than stardust.

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