Spare us, Heath

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For a fat dude, you'd think Heath Bell would be a little more jolly...

Bell felt the editing process made it look as if too much of blame on the disappointing season fell on him.

"It wasn't a good experience for me," Bell said. "It was a good experience knowing how television can ruin your life. It was fun. I like some of the guys, the camera guys. They're not bad guys. It's just the guys who were cutting and pasting, they can make it look like one person is the reason we didn't do well, or they can make it look like the team did bad.

"They definitely portrayed me as the only one having a bad year, because you heard it on just about every episode, but not everybody else."
I haven't watched The Franchise (because as Darren Rovell pointed out once, I'm a bad fan, obvi). But television "ruined" you life, Heath?
This season can't end soon enough...


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