John Henry Manages to Be Pettier Than Jeffrey Loria

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Earlier this week, the Marlins front office got in a tizzy because the Boston Red Sox sent a lineup of scrubs to a spring training match-up against Miami at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter. The reason: the Marlins had charged a premium for tickets to that game, since they were facing the defending World Series champions. It's not great for business if you charge extra to see David Ortiz and Ortiz doesn't even show up.

The Marlins brought the issue to MLB, and a few days later Red Sox general manager called Marlins GM Michael Hill to apologize.

But just as it seemed that the whole incident was over, Red Sox owner (and former Marlins owner) John Henry decided to subtweet the Marlins like a bitchy high schooler:
Apparently Henry never paid anyone to tell him that stooping to the level of Jeffrey Loria does not make him seem magnanimous, but only makes him look more imperious and smarmy than Loria himself. Here are two things to keep in mind when reading this tweet:
  1. John Henry used to own the Marlins, but sold the team to Loria in 2002 after he had failed to convince local politicians to pony up for a new baseball-only stadium in Miami-Dade county. That's right, he's not even as effective a corporate succubus as Jeffrey Loria.
  2. In 2002 (when Henry still owned the team) Jesus Sanchez made 32 starts for the Marlins. Sanchez has a career WAR of -0.3 (yes, that's a negative number). Henry has yet to apologize for that.
I think we speak for all Marlins fans when we say this: FUCK OFF JOHN HENRY.


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