Writer Calls Marlins 'Ultimate Hipster Team,' Tries to Ride Meme-Wave

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jeff Sullivan is a writer for SB Nation. Last week he called the Marlins 'MLB's Ultimate Hipster Team' because they have 'no fans' but are 'talented' despite having 'no budget.' He should have also mentioned that Logan Morrison is twitter-famous and Edwin Rodriguez wears alt-frames.

Of course, how can a team be considered alt if it hired the bro from Creed to sing a team anthem? And wouldn't a true hipster team wear uniforms with helvetica font made by American Apparel? Sure they have 'critical acclaim,' but the Marlins Mermaids aren't exactly alt QTs like Lexi Krauss or St. Vincent.

SB Nation is a sports blog site trying to 'go mainstream' by hiring 'name' writers like Rob Neyer and taking venture capital. The SB Nation bros prolly just realized how popular the 'Fuck Yeah Hipster [X]' meme is and decided a hipster blog post would generate some buzz. But hipsters are the 'low-hanging fruit' of the meme-sphere, maybe the SB Nation bros should 'try harder.'

Is the 'hipster' meme dead? Did Jeff Sullivan 'kill it'?
Are the Marlins a buzzteam?
Which buzzband best represents the Marlins? (prolly Cults Odd Future - thx Anonymous)
Is Jeff Sullivan SB Nation's Bill Simmons (via obvious metaphors)?
Would Pitchfork give Josh Johnson a 10.0 in 2k11?
Is @LoMoMarlins the Marlins' @bestycoastyy?
Is @LoMoDimples the Marlins' @snacksthecat?


Anonymous,  May 3, 2011 at 12:27 PM  

The Marlins aren't Cults...They're Odd Future.

A bunch of snot-nosed, talented young kids about to take over the world.

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