The Time Trader Jack Swindled a 12-year-old Hammer

Monday, June 20, 2011

Via Baseball Nation comes a tale of Jack McKeon's interactions with a young Hammer, who A's owner Charlie Finley took under his wing in the 1970s. It's great because it elucidates the bizarre nature of Finley's ownership ("little Hammer was the owner's West Coast eyes and ears, picking up the telephone to update Finley with game action and the goings-on in the Oakland clubhouse.") and McKeon's willingness to fuck with Hammer for the hell of it:
"We used to sit up in Charlie's office and guess the attendance. I'd bet him a few bucks,'' McKeon says. "But I happened to know how to get in touch with the attendance guys. I'd call down and say 'what's it look like tonight?'

"The closest one wins, so I used to take Hammer to the cleaners.''
That's some bad foreshadowing for Hammer, btw.


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