¿Como se dice, "Copyright infringement"?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Via Flip Flop Fly Ball:
This is Ramón Arano, the winningest pitcher in Mexican League history. He won 338 games and pitched in six decades. He died yesterday.

In the above photo, he is wearing the uniform of the Marlines de Boca del Río, of the Veracruz Winter League. I've had a root around on the Internet for the last 20 minutes, and can't find any mention of there being a relationship between these Marlines and the Miami Marlins. But the design would suggest that they have a relationship of some sort. Either that or there's some copying going on.
I have no idea whether (or how) fair use applies to sports uniforms. But I'd love to find out, if there are any IP lawyers among our readership...

Craig also found an older photo of the Marlines wearing uniforms that are strikingly similar to the Marlins' old uniforms. He thinks the teams are connected somehow. I do not know of any connection between the two. The Marlines' Wiki page (en español), is not helpful.


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