Week in Review

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Overview: The Marlins were swept twice (by Atlanta and Tampa) for an 0-6 week. They also participated in the MLB Draft, we'll find out in five years or so if they did a good job.
Positives: The Miami Heat winning the Eastern Conference Championship was a nice distraction from the bad baseball the Marlins played this week. Seriously, the only highlight was the Fish wearing the all-whites with the orange cap and stirrups (see above, I'd be happy if this was the only home uni set they ever wear).
Negatives: Too many to list here, but I'll go with the team's terrible situational hitting. The team is 7 for its last 62 (.113) with runners in scoring position. Yeesh.
Line/Highlight of the Week: There will be no weekly awards. You lose every game, you get no kudos.
Looking Ahead: The Marlins host Boston for three games, then after an off day on Thursday travel to Tampa for Citrus Series 2: Electric Boogaloo.


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