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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The "F JEFF" shirt also comes in handy during Dolphins season...
Via the PBP, these dudes were ejected from Marlins Park last night, WE WONDER WHY????

It's pretty adorable when they see Dave Hyde and get all excited, though.

They technically weren't ejected for protesting, but for refusing to show ID when approached by police in the stadium. Quoth David Samson, "It's a pretty simple thing: When police ask for ID and you don't show it, that's it. No other questions are asked. You are escorted."

If you think these guys didn't want to get ejected from Marlins Park, then you're just plain naive, and we have no use for you.

Also, when their photo was tweeted on Monday night, we made a joke about the fact that they paid for tickets to their own protest, thus enriching Jeffrey Loria in the process. According to the Post, they scalped tickets and parked in someone's yard near the stadium, not giving Loria a dime (Someone else gave Loria money for their tickets before they bought them, but let's not split hairs here). THAT'S GOOD PROTESTIN'. The Diehards approve.


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