No One Wants to See the Marlins: the Data

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Via Deadspin comes some cool visualizations of MLB ticket prices from Quartz (a digital business publication). We recommend you read the full piece, but we'll call out a few data points that will be no surprise to Marlins fans. In 2012 (which was the third-best season in terms of attendance in team history), the Marlins played just one game in which tickets sold for over $100 on average (the first game at Marlins Park). Most games were below the median ticket price ($39.69).
(click to embiggen)
Also unsurprisingly, the Marlins had a generally negative effect on secondary market ticket prices last season (though tickets to away games were 15% more expensive than home tickets):
(click to embiggen)
The only road games where tickets were significantly more expensive than the average home Marlins game came against teams with strong attendance numbers (St. Louis, Philadelphia) and/or teams in pennant races at the time (Tampa, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh). In other words, people weren't going to see the Marlins.

And this was during a season when the Marlins received a ton of notoriety. Surely the numbers will be even worse in 2013...


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