Sr. #Monsterdong Takes BP

Thursday, May 23, 2013

And just like that, our unofficial vow of silence (did we not tell you about that? Oops...) is broken:
"He looked good," [manager Mike] Redmond said, "like he was feeling all right. I didn’t ask him afterwards; I'm just going off the results. He was hitting them out. It's another encouraging sign that he's a little closer to being back on the field."
It's been nice to see Marcell Ozuna shine in his place (.303/.337/.443 in 84 plate appearances), but he is no Giancarlo Stanton. (Plus there is his unsustainable .383 BABIP and 4.8% walk rate, but we'll focus on Ozuna's positives for now). If we're lucky Stanton's return is near, and Ozuna's emergence encourages Redmond to bench Juan Pierre (who has stolen bases but has an abysmal .288 OBP). Fun fact: JP's WAR is exactly 0.0 right now - he has become a quad-A replacement level player. This isn't surprising, but still sad, to me at least.


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