UPDATE: Marlins still bad at everything

Monday, May 27, 2013

While we've all been watching the latest Heat playoff run and been busy with more pressing items1, the Marlins have been racking up L's at a PHENOMENAL clip. A sweep in Chicago against the White Sox, extending their losing streak to five, has pushed The Fish's W-L record to a putrid 13-37.

This is a mark unseen by any other abysmal Marlins squad. The current crop is on pace to shatter the club record for losses in a season. The expansion squad and the post-first-firesale bunch have nothing on these guys right now. Sure, they can and may very well turn it around, but for now we must revel in this level of suck, unseen to mankind before.

It's actually amazing, in a way, the club can be this atrocious and really be flying under the radar. Outside of a post last week by Jayson Stark and the daily posting of this photo by Dan LeBatard (which really isn't funny anymore), there hasn't been much national talk about how historically bad this team has a chance to be.

At least there are some bright sides? Senor MONSTERDONG may be coming back soon. Jose Fernandez is pretty dynamite. Some of the other young guys have shown flashes. But still....

Carry on everyone. Embrace the summer.

1Dave is wrapping up his MBA and I've recently started a new job and moved places.


Rodrigo Lema Gonz├ílez May 27, 2013 at 8:08 PM  

Not only we have the worst record in North American baseball -majors, minors and Mexican leagues-, but also the most pathetic mark among the three top-tier pro leagues.

Nippon-Ham, NPB's worst team record-wise (18-27-1, .400) and Hanwha, its KBO counterpart (13-28-1, .317) have outperformed the Fish by some margin.

So much for Loria saying he cares about winning, huh?

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