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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Q: Which of these headlines is not from a Bleacher Report post?

Miami Marlins Free Agent Signings Closely Resemble 1997 World Series Moves
Is Marlins' Hot Stove Spending a Prelude to Another Fire Sale?

A: This one. Summary: The last time the Marlins spent this much money, they had a fire sale a year later. Does that mean there will be a fire sale in 2012? POSSIBLY. How do we know? Jose Reyes does not have a no trade clause. DO I EVEN NEED TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU PEOPLE?

When I saw the headline in a Google Alert, I thought, totally BR. But no! Tortured analogies are all over the internet!

Also, apparently Yankees fans are capable of forming analogies now! Good work, guys!


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