Week In Review: Winter Meetings Edition

Monday, December 12, 2011

I don't think we've ever done a week in review at some point in the offseason, but if there was ever a good time for one, now would be it.


Marlins sign Jose Reyes
Hanley is upset, or is he?
Marlins sign Mark Buehrle
Miss out on Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson


A few weeks ago most people were still wondering if the Marlins interest in all of the top free agents was just a publicity stunt. They were proven wrong. The Fish exit the winter meetings with a trio of upgrades. Heath Bar Bell will help the back end of the bullpen and should allow the Marlins to say adios to Juan Leo Carlos Nunez Oviedo. Jose Reyes adds a spark to the front of the lineup. And Mark Buehrle is a big upgrade and rounds out the pitching rotation. Add those three legit all stars to the current team, who were without all stars Hanley and Josh Johnson for most of last season, and it looks like a pretty good ball club.


He ended up getting an obscene amount of money, but could you imagine the lineup had Albert Pujols signed for Miami? Reyes-Hanley-LoMo-Pujols-Stanton, wow. So good it will have to stay just a dream. Also, a C.J. Wilson signing could have set up a downright nasty rotation. If the Marlins do not add another starter via free agency or trade, we could be stuck with Chris Volstad in the fifth-starter spot (gulp).

Looking Ahead

It's likely the Marlins aren't done with significant moves. They still could do some trading. One rumor that persists is that the team is looking to unload Ricky Nolasco (mainly because of his contract). I also wouldn't be surprised if the team jettisoned Gaby Sanchez for a starting pitcher (especially if Nolasco is moved). Logan Morrison would take over at first base but the Marlins outfield options would be pretty thin. Of course Cuban defector Yoennis Cespedes is still out there and I wonder if the Marlins have some money leftover from not adding Pujols, might they make a big push for him? We'll see.


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