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Monday, February 6, 2012

New Marlins SS Jose Reyes had to cut off his dreadlocks to comply with the team's (dumb) personal grooming rule (Related: he, Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle all got Brazilian waxes last week as per a lesser-known provision in the same rule). Because no piece of baseball ephemera can't be auctioned off, the remnants of his dreads are being auctioned off on eBay by the Make a Wish Foundation.

Sadly, there is no photo of the hair on the auction listing (which frankly makes me question the authenticity of the posting. Bring forth the dreadlocks!). Luckily, the Sun Sentinel got a fantastic "After" photo: 

As of this writing, the latest bid (the 41st!) is $6,010.66. According to the listing, Reyes' last haircut came in 2007. The haircut was broadcast by MLB Network, which we would have mentioned last week if we weren't busy pretending that personal boundaries still exist in our society. Video below...

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