Loria the Eternal Optimist

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jeffrey Loria gave his thoughts on the Miami Marlins as the team opened Spring Training, and guess what? He thinks they should make the playoffs. Just like he did last year.

Last year Loria said the team could win 90 games. The Marlins ended up losing 90 games. This year he says the Marlins are better than the 2003 version that won the World Series. Hopefully this year's team won't accomplish the opposite of Loria's prediction (What would the opposite of winning the World Series be? A gambling scandal that results in lifetime bans for a chunk of the team?)

Also, Hanley Ramirez was asked by Jon Heyman how he would fare at third base this season. Hanley's response: "Great ... the best." Our response to his response:

Loria image via. Is there a less flattering photo of Loria on the Interwebs? I can't find one.
Hanley photo via Martha Stewart. Yes, that Martha Stewart.


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