Thursday, March 8, 2012

The trusty Buster Olney reports:

By the way: The Marlins have talked about presenting a big, crooked number in a contract offer to Giancarlo Stanton, sometime soon.
This is of no surprise, obviously, but it is indeed good to hear from a reliable reporter that the Marlins are working on giving Stanton an extension, so he can keep giving male fans extensions inside their pants. Carry on.


A different journalist, the also reliable Peter Gammons, says not so fast:
As for Marlins trying to extend Giancarlo Stanton...haven't even reached out
\empties bucket of ice water down my pants

I know #MONSTERDONG is under club control for at least four more years, but the team should really be looking to lock him up now at a reasonable price before he is hitting 50+ baseballs into Earth orbit per season. What happened to the $250 million that they were offering Albert Pujols (after already securing Bell, Reyes, and Buehrle)?


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