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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tino Martinez spoke to Fox Sports about the incident that led to his resignation, and boy he sounds like a guy convinced that the world is against him for no good reason:

Martinez said he decided to speak out after talking with friends and asking them, "Do you realize I'm out of baseball basically because a couple of players didn't pick up balls in the cage when I asked them to? As a coach, when I asked them to pick up the balls, why didn't they just say, 'Absolutely, no problem, I'll do it right now.'"

Added Martinez: "I started thinking about it, thinking I've got to say something, not just let it go away. I've had a great reputation in this game for years. I walked away from the game with integrity. But now, to have a couple of kids try to ruin my name, I felt I had to say something and fight back."
Read the whole thing here if you wish, but here's a summary:

Like we said yesterday, if the Marlins were hitting well, the team might have let Tino's anger management issues slide. But if you're the hitting coach of a team with the worst batting average in the NL, being a jerk won't let you keep your job for long.


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