Yelich and Marisnick Called Up: Instagram Weighs In

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Social media is fun. Last night after the team announced it had called up uber-prospects Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick, the Miami Marlins posted a photo of the two on Instagram. A surprising number of comments on the photo took umbrage with the team's decision to send down fellow rookies Marcell Ozuna and Derek Dietrich to make room for them (never mind the facts that Ozuna needs to do some major work on his swing, Dietrich is slashing .214/.275/.405, and sending two rookies with multiple options back to the minors gives the team much more flexibility than waiving Juan Pierre and Placido Polanco).

Here is a sample of their reactions:
Of all the people we could have sent down, why these two. If we are trying to get younger why send these 2 down. I'm excited to see yelich and marisnik called up, but upset to see ozuna and Dietrich sent down while they were succeeding.
In 57 games, Dietrich has amassed 0.0 WAR, making him the proverbial replacement player (for now). In this case, replacement = replacable. Ozuna's defense has been stellar, but he needs work on his swing, as mentioned above.
We want ozuna and Dietrich BACK!!!!!!!!
They were good!
I wanted Yelich and Marisnick called up, but they should've left Ozuna and Dietrich
When the Marlins fail to make the playoffs this fall, we'll know the reason why...
Got to say I would have rather seen Pierre, Palanco or Solano go down or even traded but as a Jacksonville native I will still get to watch these two gems play.
We're sorry you live in Jacksonville. Stay strong.
Ozuna was hitting .265 with 3 HR and 32 RBI and 31 runs that's more RBI & runs than Stanton. Eventually Stanton will be traded. Ozuna belongs in the Bigs and has earned it!

Then there was this:
Trade Dietrich
Suggesting the Marlins trade someone when their value is tiny? Is that you Beinfest?


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