Request: Trade The LeoCoaster

Monday, July 25, 2011

We're in the last week until the trade deadline (Sunday at 4:00pm) and with that, the Diehards would like to express our stance that the Marlins should absolutely trade Leo Nunez. It can be broken down thusly:

  1. The Marlins aren't winning anything this year. They're 16 games back in the division (not to mention, still rooted in the cellar) and 10 back in the wild card (with 7 teams in their way). If you're like me and fancy the "Get to 90 wins" mantra, the Fish would need to close the season going 41-19. Not happening.
  2. Leo Nunez will not be with the team next year. There's always a chance, but why would the Marlins would pay a non-elite closer somewhere in the range of $5 million? The club's pen has struggled at times, but there are promising young arms and the team would much rather spend that kind of money finding the next 10 Emilio Bonifacios.
  3. No one trades for relievers in the offseason (except us!). If the Fish try to ship off the LeoCoaster in the winter, we shouldn't expect a good haul. However, many teams that are in contention in July get the false notion that they are one strong bullpen arm away from perhaps winning the World Series. because of that, they're willing to let go of solid prospects or major league ready players (Adrian Gonzalez!).
Your move Marlins front office. I look forward to you asking Edward Mierda Mujica to stay awake until the 9th inning or later and ask him to get three outs.


Barry Baseball July 25, 2011 at 12:25 PM  

I think we should shop Hanley. He is playing like a ghost of the past. Read more at

nothingxs July 25, 2011 at 12:44 PM  

I think you shouldn't be allowed to make ignorant statements like "shop Hanley" -- he's been absolutely on fire since the All-Star break and shows no signs of stopping. How about we just trade you instead?

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