A story about Brandon Inge

Thursday, July 21, 2011

One day in college (ca. 2005), Roommate 1 (a Tigers fan) was following a gamecast of a Tigers game on ESPN.com or something. Later that day, I asked him if Detroit won (because I was such a compassionate roommate). He told me the Tigers did, and Brandon Inge hit a home run (or did something else good, I can't remember).

Except he pronounced it ING.

So I replied, "You mean Brandon INJ?"

Then in the other room, Roommate 2 (not a Tigers fan) started laughing vengefully. Hours earlier, he had looked over Roommate 1's shoulder at the gamecast, and said "Inge's having a good game."

Except he pronounced it ING-ay.

Roommmate 1 of course gave him shit for pronouncing his name wrong.

Now the Marlins might sign Inge.


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