Is This It?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ted caused a bit of an uproar on Twitter today when issued this tweet:

Ted found it here. Since he issued his tweet, at least one tweet has corroborated the logo (A Bleacher Report writer put forth the same logo with a different color scheme, but that clearly looks photoshopped). Could this be the Marlins new logo? I have no idea, but now we can argue about it regardless! Yay, internet!

No matter what the new logo/uniform ends up looking like, plenty of Marlins fans will hate it, because people hate change. But I actually kind of like it, except for that bit of yellow on the M. The fish and M have a nice art deco look to them (which obviously fits with Miami), and I think adding orange to the color scheme is a good move. The new fish is sleek and minimalist, and I'm generally in favor of that whole aesthetic. It is not for everyone, but since when do the Marlins make decisions with everyone's wants and needs in mind?

SCWS, as usual, has the best take on the situation...


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