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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paul Lukas (aka Uni Watch) confirms the rumor:

At first it wasn't clear whether it was legit or just some Photoshopper's concept, but Uni Watch has confirmed that it is in fact the real deal. This is what the team will be wearing next year when it's rebranded as the Miami Marlins.
David Samson tries to be coy (and fails):
A copy of the logo was leaked on the Internet on Wednesday. Or was it? Samson had no comment on whether the logo that has gained wide attention is the exact logo or not.

"I'm not saying anything was leaked or wasn't leaked," Samson said. "I read about so much stuff on the Internet that it's hard to keep track of it all."
And Zoo With Roy mentions Ted:
(via some guy named Ted)

And from Craig Robinson, the aesthete behind Flip Flop Fly Ball:
Just for the hell of it, I decided to do a quick mock-up of a Miami Marlins jersey. If indeed the leaked logo is the real thing, I really like the big M, don't like the prosaic typeface or the stylised marlin flying off the M. So, really, it's not a mock-up of what this logo could look like if it were used, but I have Photoshop, ten spare minutes, and the desire to fuck around. Were it me, I'd keep the teal as a Marlins colour, and, it would seem, make it look kinda like an upside-down Weezer t-shirt…


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