MDH Guide to the 2011 Playoffs

Friday, September 30, 2011

Another season in the books for the Fish, but now it's time for the MLB playoffs. Last year we got lucky. Division rival Philadelphia got picked off in the NLCS. The Yankees likewise in the ALCS. It left us with a perfectly fine Rangers vs Giants World Series.

Don't Root For

  • New York Yankees - Most hated team in baseball. They also come invade our fair city and talk about how great New York is.
  • Philadelphia Phillies - No explanation needed.
Perhaps Root For
  • Arizona Diamondbacks - Kind of like the Marlins. A young team with low payroll that no one really pays attention to. 
  • Milwaukee Brewers - Great team name. We like Ryan Braun, but they also have Nyjer Morgan, which is no good.
  • St. Louis Cardinals - I don't really care for them, but they could perhaps beat Philly, and we should hope for that.
  • Tampa Bay Rays - Our Florida brothers. They could pull the AL East double and knock out the Yankees too.
  • Texas Rangers - It'd be nice to see them bounce back after last year's disappointing World Series.
We'll be Rooting For
  • Detroit Tigers - As you'll see below, they have the best former Marlins quotient.
Children of the Marlins Diaspora in the 2011 Playoffs
New York Yankees: Joe Girardi (Mgr), AJ Burnett (P)
Detroit Tigers: Jim Leyland (Mgr), Miguel Cabrera (3B), Brad Penny (P)
Texas Rangers: Darren Oliver (P)
Tampa Bay Rays: none
Arizona Diamondbacks: none
Milwaukee Brewers: none
Philadelphia Phillies: Ross Gload
St. Louis Cardinals: Arthur Rhodes (P)


Anonymous,  October 12, 2011 at 4:23 PM  

Lets go Mets!

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