Miami Marlins: Part Deux

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whatever the new uniforms look like, we'd love to see this old Miami Marlins sleeve patch included somehow.
We're now a little under two months away from the dramatic revealing of the new Miami Marlins logos and uniforms. The angst among the fan base is palpable as most are terrified to see how Team Loria may have ruined the club's look. This is due partly to the pessimistic feelings most have about the ownership group, but also a large number of rumors that have surfaced on Twitter, message boards, etc. Those are always to be taken with a grain of salt, but I thought we should take a closer look at a few of the rumors Dave and I have seen lately, and assess their merits.

Rainbow Colored

This seems to be the one most discussed and it's the one the fans fear the most. It would seem impossible that any team would try and replicate this disaster from Tampa Bay (or even something more subdued like Houston's Tequila Sunrise unis), but could Loria do it? Because of his well-known love of art, it seems entirely possible. Supposedly the colors of the stadium logo (see right) are all involved.

Spare me the "Miami is a city of many vibrant colors. . . blah blah blah." If the team is trying to be progressive and use three, perhaps even more, colors, it will most likely fail and cause an uproar. Fans want their team to have an identity. That means one, maybe two colors that people recognize as the team identity.


Another concept making the rounds is that the new set is very orange-heavy. It wouldn't be too surprising considering the amount of orange that's been introduced in team marketing materials the last several years. Hell, go to the Marlins' official website right now and tell me the first color you notice.

Not too many teams have orange as a very prominent color. The detractors say we'll look too much like the Giants or the Orioles. I doubt they would opt for a traditional orange though. A softer tone (Creamsicle Bucs? Don't laugh) or a burnt orange look would be pretty unique in baseball. 

Blue and Orange

Another option is a blue and orange set which immediately prompts most fans to shout, "NOOOOO!!! Not like the Mets!" On the surface, I would agree. But again, it doesn't sound like the Marlins will use traditional colors. If they decided on this look, they could use the orange described above, paired with either a soft blue or an oceanic blue-gray. Also, a blue and orange combo would pay homage to the old Miami Marlins (see left), which I think would be pretty cool.

Official Guess

Taking in all of the inside info and trusty anonymous comments on our blog, my official guess would be that new Miami Marlins colors/logos will consist of the following:
  • A black base (hat color, trim etc.)
  • Some kind of orange as the primary color
  • Silver and some sort of blue (seat color) used as accents
  • A logo that incorporates all of the above and the other colors in the stadium logo. We'll all hate it.
UPDATE: My checklist was pretty spot-on, including the part where everyone hates the new logo.


    Harry Husker,  September 20, 2011 at 10:30 AM  

    Why not a predominant yellow? Miami is Sunny and Bright. Also, only 3 teams really utilize yellow and all as an accent; Pirates, A's, and Brewers.

    Yellow and Silver/White would be unique and not so garish and some of the other ideas tossed around.

    Ted September 20, 2011 at 12:41 PM  

    It's a good idea. I think if it weren't for the recent Rays redesign, we would see a combo like that or a yellow-sky blue look.

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