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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You may have noticed some interesting activity in the Marlins blogging community yesterday. First Michael Jong posted a goodbye on his site Marlin Maniac1. Later in the day, Craig announced he and GameFish were leaving Fish Stripes.

Don't worry, neither Dave or I are moving, being traded, or retiring. Marlins Diehards will remain 100% the same. However, I will be doing some of the work over at the new Fish Stripes. Mike has assembled a blogging team with a small budget2 that the real Florida Miami Marlins would be proud of. For more on that, pay attention to Fish Stripes later today.

But to continue the spoiler alert, I will be writing a weekly piece along with doing a game recap every five days or so. The weekly piece will appear on Tuesdays (except today) and will be focused on Marlins history/culture. It will essentially be an extension of Marlins Diehards. In fact you may even see a Diaspora post every now and then when I get writers block.

I will post a blurb here on this site with a link for those weekly articles, but I urge you to follow Fish Stripes all the time now (if you weren't already) with your preferred medium, links below.

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Also, I know we have been pretty lame here at MDH since the season ended. There are some reasons why that's the case, but partly it's just how we do things. We will pick things up shortly, of course with the new logos/uniforms announcement coming up in 10 days. Other than that stay tuned but expect lots of radio silence. Dave and I will have our own winter meetings soon and will announce some improvements nothing after the new year.

1Seriously? Leaving a Marlins blog to go to different blog is sooooooooo meta. Tip o' the cap to Mike.
2 No budget. Repeat: No. Budget.


Gregory J Burie, Jr. November 1, 2011 at 10:59 AM  

This is awesome, I look forward to Jong's FishStripes takeover.

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