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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ted has a review of the new kit on Fish Stripes (SPOILER ALERT: he's somewhat ambivalent!), with a good conversation going in the comments.

Okay, I don't hate the new Marlins' uniform set, but I think the team botched a good design. The Marlins have a clean typeface that is distinctive and vaguely reminiscent of art deco, but oh, the colors. It is too busy, pick an accent and stick with it. It could use two or three fewer colors. I would have preferred gray-outlined orange. I like the Marlin the more I see it.

And the hat logo... just, you know, why yellow? Ted says "There either needs to be more of it, or none at all." I choose none at all. And Marlins aren't orange, so there's that.

I've got more small- to medium-sized quibbles (city name should not go on home jerseys, and there is no need for a black and an orange alternate jersey), but I like the overall look of the uniform. It's just that because of the overdose on accent colors, I can't say it fully does it for me. My favorite uniforms have one or two colors besides white or black, not 4.

There is something about this uniform set that seems like will not age well. I have a feeling that in twenty years, this uniform will look the same as this Miami Heat's garish throwback kit: we will wonder how it could have ever seemed like a good idea.

I'll buy an orange hat, though.

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