What are we thankful for?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

  • Sr. #MONSTERDONG himself, Giancarlo Cruz Mike Stanton.
  • Larry Beinfest, Michael Hill and Dan Jennings, who somehow keep Team Loria from trading Hanley Ramirez for a bucket of D-batteries every season.
  • Dr. James Andrews, who keeps Josh Johnson's throwing arm from falling off.
  • Whatever deal with the devil Emilio Bonifacio made that turned him into a competent baseball player this year.
  • The end of baseball at Joe Robbie Pro Player Dolphin Landshark Sun Life Stadium.
  • Team Loria's crazy-ass design choices, including the psychedelic arcade display in centerfield of the new stadium and the impending ruination of Billy the Marlin. It is better to be ugly than bland.
  • Luis Castillo.
  • Kevin Millar.
  • Kurt Abbot.
  • Alex Arias.
  • Charles Johnson.
  • Cody Ross.
  • Carl Pavano (the Marlins version).
  • Seinfeld reruns.
  • Readers who indulge our obsession with Earl Weaver and let us slide for ending the title of this post with a preposition.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Image via Fins Nation. We're also thankful those dudes haven't started a Marlins blog and made us obsolete.


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