Fish Still Enamored With Ozzie

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is becoming entirely too predictable:
There have been at least two known heated blowups between Guillen and Williams, according to sources. But even more significant is the recent talk in baseball circles that the White Sox have been getting a feel for managerial candidates. Sources said that also included renewing talks with the Florida Marlins about compensation for Guillen with the team set to open its new stadium next season.
Loria likes Ozzie, and so does Jack McKeon, who has Loria's ear. The Marlins will keep inquiring as to Guillen's availability unless they can lure a better manager to Miami this winter. Thankfully, the team showed the restraint last year to not give up Mike Stanton or Logan Morrison (depending on the report) for Guillen. There is no way any manager is worth as many wins per year as either of those two.

And because it is one of my favorite MDH posts, I will once again link to my suggestion: Don't hire a manager.


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