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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Joe Frisaro:

Logan Morrison, sporting a Hanley Ramirez t-shirt, stood at his locker on Wednesday afternoon talking about being glad to be back.
Later on:
Morrison says he wore the Hanley Ramirez "H2R Boombah" t-shirt because it was in his locker.
For those who find Affliction shirts to be too subtle, via
Frisaro was too busy talking to LoMo about actual baseball stuff as opposed to this interesting sartorial choice, but it nonetheless raises a big question. Did Hanley leave this shirt in LoMo's locker as a not-too-subtle reminder of whose team this is? If so, I applaud Hanley for his big-swinging-dickishness.

I like Morrison, but he needs to learn an important lesson: until you win a batting title and sign an expensive contract, you will not have immunity from putting your own foot in your mouth. It's not a particularly reassuring lesson for Marlins fans (who wish Hanley too would just shut up and play baseball sometimes), but the sometimes-socially-unaware Morrison needs to know the ropes. Hanley Ramirez, of all people, is in the perfect position to let him know. Hopefully Morrison absorbs the lesson I'm projecting here.

UPDATE: LoMo hit a home run in his return. I wonder if he's superstitious enough to wear that ugly shirt again on Friday just in case...


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