Off-Day Guide: August 25

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene gives us a surprise off-day. Here's what you can watch/read/do:

8:00 (NBC): Community. It's a rerun, but a good one: the fake clip episode. This was one of my top three episodes from season 2. Here's a Slate essay about it.
8:00 (ESPN2): Little League World Series, if that's your thing. ESPN has a Redskins/Ravens preseason game at the same time.
9:00 (Travel): Man vs. Food in Miami. "The host tries to devour a 48-ounce steak in less than 20 minutes at Shula's Steak House in Miami." I could think of ten better places to go in Miami, and I'm sure you guys can as well... 
9:00 (USA): Burn Notice. Does anyone watch this show? Should I?
10:00 (FX): Wilfred/Louie. Loving both of these shows for different reasons. The Louie episode is one hour.

Book rec: The 50th anniversary of the publication of Catch-22 just passed, and there have been a swarm of excellent essays about Heller's seminal novel in recent weeks (my favorite is from Ron Rosenbaum at Slate - I know, two Slate links in one post, I don't care). I read this one in undergrad, and it is usually in my top 5 novels list (my top 5/10 lists constantly change). It is hilarious and poignant, and everyone should read it, so get on it.

Culture: Hurricane Irene will not be making landfall in Florida most likely, but that shouldn't stop you from throwing a hurricane party. Since you'll be getting wasted, you should probably go ahead and take Friday off from work as well.


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