LoMo Goes PoMo

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still no update on the origins of his H2R Boombah shirt, but the PBP has some choice commentary on his ten-day timeout in New Orleans from the man himself:
When asked if he has talked to anybody in the organization since the demotion, Morrison said, "I haven't talked to anybody. I didn't really care."

When asked why he believes he was send down, Morrison said, "I have no idea."

When asked how he will change, Morrison said, "I'll be the same person."

When asked what was accomplished by him being in New Orleans for 10 days, Morrison said, "I don’t know."

When asked to describe his relationship with the organization, Morrison said, "I'm the baseball player and they provide the uniform."
Those are the words of a man who knows he should just say nothing, but really wants to make his empty statement pack a punch. Who knew Morrison was so into postmodern theory?

Also, I didn't know LoMo was a Seinfeld fan...


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